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(Safe Haven Manor is a role play that takes place on RPH. None of these pictures belong to us and will take them down if requested.)


Welcome to Safe Haven Manor, this lovely place is owned by TheHuntressDawn. Many years ago Dawn and a close friend Misty, a powerful Mystic, found the land and could feel that it was a safe place. They decided they would build a home here for any that would need it. Her warm and inviting nature welcomes every visitor in, if they can get past the gates that is. An ancient magic protects the lands of this place and no one who means the guests here harm or has murderous intents can enter the grounds. The warding's protect the people here making sure no great harm befalls them. Every race and gender are welcome with open arms, stay for a few days or make this your new home.


The large Manor sits on top of an ancient tomb, not even Dawn is sure what is down there right now. Except that something down there protects the groundsow long can this place keep its secrets? Will you be the one to find out more?

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