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Rules and OOC Guidelines

  1. This is NOT a modern setting.  Yes we do have a fully functioning kitchen, plumbing and lights but this is not a modern Rp. No technology please. Apparently this needs to be explained more thoroughly. I do not consider this a Medieval Rp, more like in between somewhere, not modern or Sci Fi but not middle ages. It's a fantasy world and we do sometimes make exceptions, we can do as we please! If you are unsure then ask Huntress.

  2. Keep OOC talk to a minimum during active play and storylines.

  3. Take Smut to PM's.

  4. Unless otherwise discussed in OOC/PM no forcing other characters to do anything against their will.

  5. No god modding. I don't care how amazing your character is they cannot just magically reverse or undo the Manor's enchantment or be "immune" to its affects. One warning only.

  6. We now have a limit on how many characters one person can have in our little world. Please no more than Five characters and preferred that you only use 2 of those at the same time while in active play.

  7. No blank profiles. Just having a picture is not enough either.

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